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Workers v2

The Workers APIs support the management of workers in an organization. A worker is a person who performs duties and responsibilities for an organization. In that capacity, a worker fills one or more positions via a work assignment. For a given work assignment, a worker is related to the organization as an employee or contractor. The Workers APIs can be used to obtain a list of all workers in an organization and to get information about work assignments.

Time Cards v2

This API provides the time period (start and end date), in/out punches, pay code name and amounts, labor entry details, and daily and shift totals.

Pay Data Input v1

Pay data input is a one-time payroll change, such as a charity deduction, for a worker. The Pay Data Input v1 APIs are used to add, modify, or replace pay data input for a worker, or to view all of the pay data inputs appllied to a worker. API metadata is also available.

Pay Distributions v2

Pay distributions determine how a worker's pay is divided (e.g. 50% to savings, 25% to checking, $100 on a paycard, and the remainder in check). The Pay Distributions APIs can be used to change how a worker's pay is distributed, retrieve a single distribution or list all distributions, or to obtain API metadata.

Job Applications v2

The Job Applications v2 APIs are used to retrieve a job application or a list of applications, or to submit a job application. API metadata is also available.

Tax Credit Screenings v1

The Tax Credit Screening APIs provides partner & client developers with the ability to interface with the ADP Tax Credits solution to maximize their eligibility for various federal and state tax credit programs.

These APIs support the following actions:

  • Initiate a tax credit screening
  • Find and view details of an existing tax credit screening, including:
    • Screening subject details
    • Listing evaluated tax credits and the associated eligibility result for each credit
    • Listing tax forms to be submitted to the tax authorities on behalf of the employer
  • Notify ADP that a screening subject has been hired
  • Retrieve tax forms for each eligible screening in PDF format

Worker Payroll Instructions v1

Worker payroll instructions are used to specify recurring general deductions, garnishments, and retirement plan deductions for a specified worker. The Worker Payroll Instructions v1 APIs are used to start or stop payroll instructions for a worker, or to change an instruction that was previously started. You can also view all of the payroll instructions for a worker. API metadata is available.

Pay Statements v1

A Pay Statement describes the details of a payment made to a payee. These details include the net and gross payment amounts, deductions, earnings, and year-to-date payroll accuals. The Pay Statements APIs can be used to retrieve the list of a specified number of pay statements for an associate or to get details for a specific statement.

Tax Agency Notices v1

The Tax Agency Notices APIs can be used to request a list of tax agency notices for the organization or to retrieve a specific tax agency notice. API metadata is also available.
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