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Workers v2

The Workers APIs support the management of workers in an organization. A worker is a person who performs duties and responsibilities for an organization. In that capacity, a worker fills one or more positions via a work assignment. For a given work assignment, a worker is related to the organization as an employee or contractor. The Workers APIs can be used to obtain a list of all workers in an organization and to get information about work assignments.

Time Entry v1

Time Entry is the act of logging time by a worker. The Time Entry APIs support 3 types of entries: Clock, Time Entry (hours) or Time pairs. These APIs support the viewing of entries for a time period as specified by the System of Record (SOR) and may allow the creation and deletion of time entries based on rules determined by the SOR. If authorized, the APIs support the resolution of exceptions in a timesheet and the review of timesheets (i.e. approval process).

Payroll Outputs v1

This API is used to convey the output of a payroll run

Workers - Lifecycle Management v2

The worker.hire event indicates the creation of a work agreement between a person and an employer for the first time EVER. Worker.Hire always results in a primary work assignment. Worker.hire may result in a worker status of either 'Active' or 'Pending' depending on whether or not the Worker.Start event is supported by the system of record.

Worker Payroll Instructions v1

Worker payroll instructions are used to specify recurring general deductions, garnishments, and retirement plan deductions for a specified worker. The Worker Payroll Instructions v1 APIs are used to start or stop payroll instructions for a worker, or to change an instruction that was previously started. You can also view all of the payroll instructions for a worker. API metadata is available.

Clock Entries v2

The list of clock entries for a worker

Worker Demographics v2

The Worker Demographics APIs return a list of demographics for each worker in an organization, demographics for a specific worker, and API metadata.

Event Notification Messages v1

The Event Notification APIs can be used to obtain a list of all event notification messages that the requestor is authorized to view, or to delete an event notification message after it has been received and processed by the consumer.

Job Applicants v2

The Job Applicants v2 APIs are used to retrieve a job applicant or a list of applicants, or to submit a job applicant. API metadata is also available.
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