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Cardholders v1

Cardholder API Use Cases

  • Search for cardholders - basic cardholder details - the search is not AOID based
    POST /events/payroll/v1/paycard/cardholder.read
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders?$filter=[any selection criteria, but SPI]
  • Get basic details of an individual cardholder such as demographic data, account ABA/DDA, account status, card status, etc.
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}
  • Get alternate funding status during self-enrollment (status or account ABA/DDA)
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$select=cardholderAccount
  • Get account data with transactions
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$select= cardholderAccount&$expand=cardholderAccount/accountTransactions
  • Get extended cardholder profile details (without transactions)
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$expand=profileDetails

Worker Business Credit Cards v1

The Business Credit Cards APIs are used to obtain a list of business credit cards assigned to an associate (worker), details about a specific credit card assigned to that associate, and meta information about the APIs.

Work Assignment History v2

The Work Assignment History API returns a list of work assignments for a worker, and API metadata.

ATM Locator v1

The ATM Locator API returns a list of ATM locations within a specific radius.

Calendar v1

The Calendar APIs provide the ability to retrieve events in an associate's calendar, the calendars of peers, or the team calendar, or to retrieve a specific event in the associate's calendar. An associate may have up to 3 different calendars: My Calendar (the associate's calendar events), My Team (events on the associate's team's calendars), and My Peer (events on the associate's peers' calendars.

Data Collection Entries v1

This API supports the processing of a collection data collection

Associate Recognitions v2

The Recognition APIs supports the management of an associate's recognitions (e.g. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate). The APIs return details for a specific recognition, a list of recognitions, or metadata about the APIs.

Personal Contacts v2

The Personal Contacts APIs return a list of an associate's personal contacts, details about a specific personal contact, or metadata. The metadata describes the properties returned in a given context and the validation and presentation rules for each property.

Pay Distributions v2

Pay distributions determine how a worker's pay is divided (e.g. 50% to savings, 25% to checking, $100 on a paycard, and the remainder in check). The Pay Distributions APIs can be used to change how a worker's pay is distributed, retrieve a single distribution or list all distributions, or to obtain API metadata.
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