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The HR domain includes worker details. This includes the natural person as well as job title, organizational hierarchy, corporate directory and more.

Workers v2

The Workers APIs support the management of workers in an organization. A worker is a person who performs duties and responsibilities for an organization. In that capacity, a worker fills one or more positions via a work assignment. For a given work assignment, a worker is related to the organization as an employee or contractor. The Workers APIs can be used to obtain a list of all workers in an organization and to get information about work assignments.

Workers - Lifecycle Management v2

The worker.hire event indicates the creation of a work agreement between a person and an employer for the first time EVER. Worker.Hire always results in a primary work assignment. Worker.hire may result in a worker status of either 'Active' or 'Pending' depending on whether or not the Worker.Start event is supported by the system of record.

Worker Demographics v2

The Worker Demographics APIs return a list of demographics for each worker in an organization, demographics for a specific worker, and API metadata.

Corporate Directory v1

The Corporate Directory APIs return a list of corporate contacts or detailed information about a specific contact. Each contact may have the name, title, organizational unit (e.g. department), reports to manager, photo, and the business location address, business phone numbers, business emails, and business social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn uri).

Workers - Data Integration Management v2

Synchronize Worker Data

Workers - Custom Data Management v2

Worker amount custom field management

Personal Contacts v2

The Personal Contacts APIs return a list of an associate's personal contacts, details about a specific personal contact, or metadata. The metadata describes the properties returned in a given context and the validation and presentation rules for each property.

Workers - Personal Communication Management v2

Worker legal address add management events

Workers - Compensation Management v2

A worker additional remuneration add management
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