Tax Resources (ordered by popularity)
The Tax domain includes information related to credit screening.

Tax Credit Screenings v1

The Tax Credit Screening APIs provides partner & client developers with the ability to interface with the ADP Tax Credits solution to maximize their eligibility for various federal and state tax credit programs.

These APIs support the following actions:

  • Initiate a tax credit screening
  • Find and view details of an existing tax credit screening, including:
    • Screening subject details
    • Listing evaluated tax credits and the associated eligibility result for each credit
    • Listing tax forms to be submitted to the tax authorities on behalf of the employer
  • Notify ADP that a screening subject has been hired
  • Retrieve tax forms for each eligible screening in PDF format

Tax Agency Notices v1

The Tax Agency Notices APIs can be used to request a list of tax agency notices for the organization or to retrieve a specific tax agency notice. API metadata is also available.