Time Resources (ordered by popularity)
The Time domain includes information regarding hours worked and employee attendance.

Time Entry v1

Time Entry is the act of logging time by a worker. The Time Entry APIs support 3 types of entries: Clock, Time Entry (hours) or Time pairs. These APIs support the viewing of entries for a time period as specified by the System of Record (SOR) and may allow the creation and deletion of time entries based on rules determined by the SOR. If authorized, the APIs support the resolution of exceptions in a timesheet and the review of timesheets (i.e. approval process).

Clock Entries v2

The list of clock entries for a worker

Time Cards v2

This API provides the time period (start and end date), in/out punches, pay code name and amounts, labor entry details, and daily and shift totals.

Time Off v2

Time Off APIs support the viewing of time off balances, and the viewing of time off requests if the worker is allowed to make requests. In addition, if the user is authorized, the APIs support requesting time off, and approving time off by a manager.

Data Collection Entries v1

This API supports the processing of a collection data collection

Time Off Requests v3

This API includes the ability to request, review, approve, or reject a time off request by an employee or a manager.

Team Time Cards v2

Get a worker's team's timecards. That is all the time cards for the worker's team members. The worker is identified by workers/{associateOID}

Work Schedules v1

The Work Schedules APIs support the management of associate work schedules. This includes retrieving one or all schedules for an associate or an associate's team, and making schedule changes. API metadata is also available.

Time Off Balances v3

This API is used by an employee to view time off balances or by a manager to view the balances for a team.
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