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Cardholders v1

Cardholder API Use Cases

  • Search for cardholders - basic cardholder details - the search is not AOID based
    POST /events/payroll/v1/paycard/cardholder.read
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders?$filter=[any selection criteria, but SPI]
  • Get basic details of an individual cardholder such as demographic data, account ABA/DDA, account status, card status, etc.
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}
  • Get alternate funding status during self-enrollment (status or account ABA/DDA)
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$select=cardholderAccount
  • Get account data with transactions
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$select= cardholderAccount&$expand=cardholderAccount/accountTransactions
  • Get extended cardholder profile details (without transactions)
    GET /payroll/v1/paycard/cardholders/{aoid}?$expand=profileDetails
API DisclaimerThe listed APIs are supported by many ADP products. Please refer to specific product documentation for details.