What are ADP Client Connection Libraries?

The ADP Client Connection Library is intended to simplify and aid the process of authenticating, authorizing and connecting to the ADP API Gateway. The library includes a sample application that can be run out-of-the-box to connect to the ADP API test gateway.

ADP Client Connection Library supports OAuth2 Authorization Code and Client Credentials flows. ID token retrieval via OpenID Connect based Authorization Code flow is also supported. The following table shows the availability of the library for various languages.

Connection Library Repos

Language Download Library Guide
Node.js https://github.com/adplabs/adp-connection-node NodeJS Developer Library Guide
Java   Java Developer Library Guide
.NET https://github.com/adplabs/adp-connection-NET .NET Developer Library Guide
Python https://github.com/adplabs/adp-connection-python Python Developer Library Guide
PHP https://github.com/adplabs/adp-connection-php PHP Developer Library Guide
Ruby https://github.com/adplabs/adp-connection-ruby Ruby Developer Library Guide