Add an App Listing to the ADP Marketplace

Create an App Product Listing on the ADP Marketplace
Summary: This procedure describes how you can set up your e-commerce, end-user or data connector app to the ADP Marketplace so you are notified about app subscription events.
  1. Sign in to your Partner account on the ADP Marketplace website if you are not already done so.
  2. On the Marketplace main page, select Developer > Products. If you have apps in the Marketplace, click Add Products. The Create New Product form appears.


  3. On the Create New Product page, enter the following information.
  4. In the Product Name field, enter a name for your app.
  5. In the Integration Type field, select Full Integration.
  6. In the Usage Model field, select Multiple Users.
  7. In the Revenue Model field, select the option you want to use.
  8. Check “I agree to the distribution terms and conditions.” and then click Create Product.

    Note: Your app listing is created as a draft on the ADP Marketplace. It has not been published yet.