Installing and Preparing Postman

  1. Install Postman from
  2. Using the following steps, add your ADP issued .PEM file and your .KEY file (as part of the CSR process) into Postman for the domains. You can use the instructions found at
    1. Click Settings.

    2. Click Certificates and select the CRT file (certificate) and KEY file. Then, click Add

    3. On the Settings page, turn the SSL certificate verification on.
      If you're not prompted to select a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, and this is your first request in this Postman session, you should check to make sure your SSL >certificate is installed correctly. After you have selected the proper certificate, you will not be prompted for a certificate again until you start a new Postman session. If you know your SSL certificate is installed correctly, close Postman and open the Google Chrome browser and try your request again.

    4. (Optional) Import the ADP APIs.

      Postman allows you to store a collection of APIs and share them with others. ADP will continue to share sample collections on GITHUB.

      For example, you can find the ADP Workforce Now collection by clicking here. When at the location, download the file and click Import to import the list file.