Guides (ordered by popularity)
Becoming an ADP Marketplace Partner

This guide describes the ADP Partner application, review, and onboarding process.

Publishing an App for Ecommerce

This guide describes the necessary steps for listing and publishing an Ecommerce application on the ADP Marketplace.

Understanding the End-User App Authorization Process

End-user applications typically require an individual to log in using their ADP credentials. These applications must obtain authorization to gain access to the end-user's data. This article describes the authorization process with respect to ADP's security model.

Using Consent Manager to Control Access to Your Data

The Consent Manager application provides an easy way to control which Marketplace apps can access your company's ADP data

Understanding the Data Connector App Authorization Process

Data Connector applications connect to and consume data without an end-user's involvement. Each organization that subscribes to the app is issued a unique set of credentials by ADP. The app then uses these credentials within the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework to get permission to access ADP data for the organization.

ADP Partner Developer Guide

This guide provides all the information a partner developer needs in order to integrate and publish an application on ADP Marketplace.