Becoming an ADP Marketplace Partner

This guide describes the ADP Partner application, review, and onboarding process.

Become a Partner - Overview

ADP maintains stringent quality standards to ensure that apps offered on the ADP Marketplace are appropriate and secure. After you apply to become a partner, ADP will review your app and organization. If approved, you will then receive credentials for the Marketplace app store and instructions for publishing your app.

Step 1: Apply for a Partner Account

Start the process to become an ADP Marketplace Partner by applying for a partner account. Your application will be reviewed by our Sales, Security, and Legal teams to prepare your app for the ADP Marketplace.

Use the following procedure to apply for a partner account.

  1. Go to the ADP Marketplace Partner website.
  2. Click JOIN NOW to access the Signup form.
  3. On the Register page, enter your email address, and then click NEXT.
  4. In the Partner Application form, enter the appropriate information about yourself, your company and your products.
  5. If your organization has already undergone security reviews, your organization may qualify for security review fast-track or security pre-approval. If either applies, please provide the appropriate documentation when submitting your partner application.
  6. Review the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and then click the checkbox to agree.
    Result: An ADP Marketplace representative will contact you to discuss your application and the partner review process.

Step 2: Initial Call

After you submit your partner application, you will receive a call from an ADP Business Development Representative. The representative will evaluate your organization from a market, product, and services perspective. This call normally lasts about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Partner Security Review

If your organization does not qualify for security review fast-track or security pre-approval, our security team will work with you to understand your security measures and get you onboarded quickly. This process starts with you completing our questionnaire and submitting other relevant documentation. Our questionnaire, built on ISO 27001, allows ADP to vet your security program. The questionnaire is available here.

Other documentation that will help expedite your review:

  • Policy Documentation (ex: Security Policy, Data Retention and Destruction Policy, Encryption Policy, HR Policy, Computing Standard/Policy, Cloud Security Policy, et al)
  • Technical Documentation (Data Flow Diagrams, Architectural Diagrams, et al)

Next Steps

  1. Review the Security Assessment Process, and reach out to our team if you have questions.
  2. Provide the requested documentation (submit the documents listed below, send in supporting documentation, and/or complete the questionnaire)
  3. Schedule a call with our security team to discuss the requirements and explain your security program.
  4. Receive feedback from our security team about our assessment of your program. If there are any gap areas, our team will review them with you and work with you to develop a plan and timeline for the required remediation.
  5. As your partnership with ADP grows over time, our security team will continue to work with you to help you understand changes to our security requirements.

Security Review Completion

ADP looks forward to partnering with you. If you need additional help communicating your security program, you can reach the ADP security team at

Step 4: ADP Partner Legal Agreement

To become an ADP Marketplace Partner, you will need to review and sign a legal contract with ADP.

  • If you intend to distribute apps that access ADP data, use single sign-on (SSO), or can be purchased on the app store, you will need to sign a Developer Participation Agreement.

Step 5: ADP Partner Onboarding

Congratulations! If your organization has passed ADP's initial assessment and security review and signed the ADP Marketplace legal agreement, our Partner Onboarding team will work with you to create and configure your ADP Partner account. Depending upon how you will be using the ADP Marketplace (referral or e-commerce), your organization may also be set up in billing.

Finally, the onboarding team will send you login credentials for accessing your account and publishing your apps in the ADP Marketplace.

Step 6: Register as an Administrator

To register as an administrator for your ADP Marketplace Partner account:

  1. Follow the instructions you received in the two emails containing the user ID and temporary password to reset your password and security questions.
  2. In a browser, go to our identity management application (
  3. Click Administrator Sign In on the initial login screen.

  4. registration-admin-step1.png

  5. Enter your User ID and Temporary Password on the subsequent screens.
  6. Continue through the four-step registration wizard.
  7. Upon successful completion of the registration process, proceed to the ADP Marketplace and verify that you are able to log in with your new credentials.

Step 7: Add Users to Your Partner Account

As an ADP Marketplace Partner account administrator, you can add users to your account to serve in a variety of roles.

  1. In a browser, go to our identity management application (
  2. Click Administrator Sign In on the initial login screen.
  3. Go to People > Manage Users and click the Add New (+) icon.


  5. Add a new user and then click Continue.
    Note: Set Identity Type to None.


  7. In Step 1, select the user type "User is an independent contractor…".
  8. Next in step 1, set the User Role as appropriate:
    • Select Self Service User if the user will be accessing their own information only.
    • Select Product User if the user will be filling a Developer role to create and publish products in the ADP Marketplace.
    • If the user will be an administrator, select Product User, User Admin, User Master, or Security Admin, using the role descriptions as a guide.


  9. In Step 2, assign services for this user.
    Note: Only administrators require the "Marketplace : MarketplaceAdmin default profile : MarketplaceAdmin" service profile. Users/Developers do not need this permission.
  10. In Step 3, confirm your selections, and then click Done.
  11. Direct the new user to log in to the ADP Marketplace.

Step 8: Assign a Role to a User

As an ADP Marketplace Partner account administrator, you can assign roles to users in your Partner account as described in the following procedure. To allow a user to create and publish products in the ADP Marketplace, assign the Developer role to that user.

  1. Log in to the ADP Marketplace ( with your Marketplace credentials.
  2. Proceed to MANAGE APPS > Account.


  4. Click Users > Roles.


  6. In the Users list, select one or more user(s) to assign the role to.
    Note: Users will only appear in the list after they have signed in to the ADP Marketplace.
  7. Under Assign Roles, select a role to assign to the user.
  8. Click SAVE CHANGES.