Common API Operations for RUN Powered by ADP

Overview of ADP API Design Patterns


The ADP application programming interface (API) uniform resource identifier (URI) uses the following pattern:
The following are the commonly used verbs:

  • ADD for inserting a new object.
  • CHANGE for updating an existing object.
  • REMOVE for deleting an existing object.

For example, the URI to add a personal contact is:

Interacting with Common APIs

  1. To retrieve the metadata related to an operation, call the associated meta API when available.For example, provide resources and resource requirements, such as required or optional, and if a reference API needs to be used for a resource.
  2. Call the reference API as needed. A common reference API is a codeList API.
  3. Expose resources to be captured in your application and enforce resource requirements according to the meta.For example, mark a field as required, or display a pick list for values returned by a codeList API.
  4. Compose a request payload using the data captured and validated by your application.
  5. Send the request to ADP.
  6. Process the response.