About this Guide and Project Plan


This guide provides a high-level overview of ADP Marketplace Platform, applications, application programming interfaces (APIs), and integrations for developers and product owners, so you can learn to plan ADP Marketplace development projects.

What's New in this Guide?

April 2021

  • Revamped entire Partner Learning Guide to be shorter and more concise with step-by-step integration tasks

Using this Guide

Each section starts with a high level introduction, followed by exercises, so your team gains more insights. We recommend developers and product owners go through all the exercises.

Marketplace Development Project Plan Check List

A project plan (shown below) is provided to you as part of partner on-boarding to manage tasks and ownership. This will also next to each milestone provide the chapter in this guide where you can find documentation for each task.

Key Milestones Done Means Target Date Chapter
Project Start Date Developer will begin the development schedule based on use case    
Onboarding • Create your Project in the Developer Self-Service Tool
• Generate your Mutual SSL Certificate (CSR)
• Request a Test Instance (ADP WFN, RUN, Vantage)
• Consent to Your Test Instance
• Provide UI access permissions to access workers in your test instance
Marketplace Platform
Integration and Application Listing.
• Create a development application listing on ADP Marketplace
• Listen for events from ADP Marketplace for subscription management and user management these would be developer created endpoints.
• Understand Pricing model and Editions and determine if additional developer work is needed (ex: Metered Billing)
• Understand how to Handle Existing Customers.
Implementing OpenID Connect • Configure your Redirect URI via the
Developer Self-Service Tool
• Implement OpenID Connect
Build ADP API integration • Implement the Credentials API (using your partner credentials) to fetch a client's Oauth 2.0 Client Credentials
• Implement ADP Marketplace Integration best practices (Client Credentials and Token Management)
• Implement exception handling based on ADP recommendations
• Implement Event Queue API to listen for changes in data
Consent Management • Build Consent Management into your product to capture client's consent   5.2
Submit Milestone Dates to your ADP Contact • Once you are done developing and testing your ADP integration, a member of the Technical Advisory team will review your milestones for validity.   5.3
ADP Marketplace
Security Review
• After development is fully complete, your application will be reviewed by ADP's Global Security Organization (GSO) to ensure it adheres to our data security and privacy standards   6

Partner Integration Specification Document

Please fill out the Partner Integration Specification Document. You will need to submit it to your ADP Marketplace Technical Advisor so they can help you confirm the product scope and ensure all aspect of the ADP Marketplace integration are addressed to achieve an ideal client experience.

Access to ADP Tools and Assets

  • You will be given access to the ADP Partner Help Center which will serve as your ADP Marketplace knowledge base, and helps you to submit and manage your tickets.
  • ADP Developer Self Service Tool where you can see your milestones, create your project, Test instance (sandbox access) and generate your Certificate (CSR)
  • ADP Marketplace where you will create your application listing and listen to subscription events.
  • Integrations by Solutions guides to help define your use case and Developer Resources for additional documentation.
    • As part of your onboarding, you have received two emails from SecurityServices_NoReply@adp.com with your User ID and a temporary password. You will use this user ID to login to the developer tools mentioned above.

Access to ADP Marketplace Developer Collaboration Channel through Slack

Your team members are invited through email during on-boarding to join the ADP Marketplace Developer Slack channel to collaborate with other developers. The more people get involved and engaged, the more benefits everyone receive. Share your development tips with others as well as asking others for help as needed.

Access to Weekly Office Hours Hosted by ADP

Your team members are invited to a weekly Office Hours Q and A, where you can ask any questions regarding integration with ADP Marketplace. ADP Marketplace technical advisors will be on hand to answer any questions along with other ADP partner developers.

The office hour meetings are every Thursday at 10:30am, and 1:00pm Eastern, except U.S. holidays.

ADP Marketplace Technical Advisor

A dedicated technical advisor will be assigned to your project within a week after your ADP Marketplace administrator receives an ADP login. Your advisor is the point of contact for your project with the following responsibilities:

  • Assists with product planning and milestone review.
  • Serves as an escalation point for support ticket resolutions.
  • Reviews your product demonstrations and provides feedback.
  • Provides best practices for ADP Marketplace Integration