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ADP Marketplace and Applications

About ADP Marketplace eCommerce Platform

The ADP Marketplace Platform enables developers to develop, market, and sell solutions to businesses of all sizes can do the following:

  • Discover your solution listed on the ADP Marketplace at
  • Review key features, reviews, and terms and conditions.
  • Acquire it by going through the purchase/buy flow.
  • Provide consent for data transmissions.
  • Use integrated solutions to reduce data entry tasks and streamline data flow between their information systems.

The ADP Marketplace Platform is powered by AppDirect, which is an eCommerce Platform. It has two key components:

  • StoreFront for ADP clients, also being referred as the ADP Marketplace
  • App management tool for developers to create applications as well as manage their business, such as managing customers and orders.


About ADP Marketplace Applications

During the planning phase of your project, it's important to define user stories and requirements for each of the following main themes:

  • User Purchase flow.
  • Automated subscription processing
  • Client onboarding
  • User login to your application using the ADP single-sign-on (SSO) capability
  • Usage upload for billing and invoicing, optional
  • Free trial automation, optional
  • Contact phone/email for Clients to reach out to for support

The development effort related to the above items are also referred to as Marketplace Integration.  





Exercise 3.1.1: Create an Application Listing on ADP Marketplace


30 minutes to 2 hours

Exercise Details

Login to the ADP Marketplace using the same credentials used in Exercise 2.1.1 and get familiar with creating an app listing using pre-defined templates using the App Listing Templates document. This document will have links to articles with step-by-step details on how to create a variety of listings, such as Data Connector, Core Solution, or Referral.

Also, the article How to Write Integration Details for ADP Marketplace Listings will guide you through the process of adding your product’s Integration Details as a feature.


Become familiar with the steps needed in order to create an ADP Marketplace application listing as well as assist in writing the Integration details.

Exercise 3.1.2: Understanding Marketplace Integration


1 to 3 Days

Exercise Details

  1. Review the Marketplace Integration Overview, which describes the process and work required for automated order processing and client onboarding.
  2. Two forms of authentication are currently supported for the Inbound and Outbound calls for subscription events both are linked near the bottom of the article
  3. Watch the ADP Marketplace Development webinar.


Gain high level understanding of key use cases in order to define features and user stories for your application order processing, client on-boarding, and user assignment



Exercise 3.1.3: Understanding ADP Marketplace Pricing Models


1 to 2 days


  • Define application listing pricing. For example, how much do you charge clients for your application? 
  • Decide if the price is pre-determined or usage-based
  • Decide if all clients are charged the same fee or is there tiered pricing
  • Decide if a Free Trial will be offered (Core Service only)

Exercise Details

  1. Review ADP Marketplace Pricing and How to Setup Free Trial 
  2. Review Marketplace Metered Billing - Usage-Based Pricing (optional)
  3. Watch the following video recording: ADP Marketplace Editions and Pricing webinar.


Understand how pricing works and determine if there's any development work required in order to assess the effort, and assign/commit the resource to your project.


Exercise 3.1.4: Defining the Client Purchase and On-boarding Experience (Client Experience)


1 to 3 days

Exercise Details

  1. Review the Client Experience.
  2. Review ADP Marketplace Validation And Adding a Custom Field to Checkout
  3. Watch the following video recording: ADP Marketplace Customer Experience Webinar.


Understand the client check out experience to design and assess the effort to handle your existing clients.