The Story of Landau Associates & the Core ID App

A Success Story of an ADP Client Using an ADP Marketplace App to Protect Employees' Identities
Summary: This story highlights the success of Landau Associates, an ADP Client, who purchased the Core ID app on the ADP Marketplace to protect their employees from identity theft.

Landau Associates is a privately held, employee-owned consulting firm that provides clients with geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and remediation, permitting, and compliance services throughout the western United States. The company, which has about 100 employees, has been a client of ADP Workforce Now® since 2015.

“We’ve been thinking about offering personal identification theft protection as an employee benefit for some time,” says Tracy Hannuksela, Landau Associate’s Human Resources Director. “I must have researched this for about a year. The costs for coverage through a benefits broker were really prohibitive. Products on the Internet either didn’t meet our expectations or turned out to be too good to be true. Then, one morning, I logged in to ADP Workforce Now and got a pop-up message for ADP Marketplace. I clicked on the link and it didn’t take me long before I found what I was looking for.”

" morning, I logged in to ADP Workforce Now and got a pop-up message for ADP Marketplace. I clicked on the link and it didn’t take me long before I found what I was looking for." - Tracy Hannuksela

Business Challenges

  1. Minimize research and shopping time for new employee benefits
  2. Protect employee data
  3. Provide an affordable new benefit for employees


Make the Shopping Experience Convenient and Easy

“Shopping on ADP Marketplace was very easy,” says Hannuksela. “It is well designed and you can shop as you would in any other good app store. In our case, I clicked on a “New Marketplace Vendors” banner and discovered a company called Core ID. Their listing included capabilities and pricing information. I mean the pricing was so good I asked myself, ‘Could this be real?’”

Hannuksela then went from ADP Marketplace to Core ID’s website and within an hour she was speaking to her main point of contact at Core ID about what her company was considering, what it would cost, and how and when it could be implemented.

Shop Where You Know Your Data is Secure

“A big selling factor for using ADP Marketplace is that ADP has already pre-screened the vendors. So when you shop and buy, it’s with a high level of confidence,” she notes. “Once I purchased the ID theft protection product from Core ID, a list goes to ADP Marketplace and there’s a whole consent process that takes place,” she explains. An email from Landau Associates announces the new benefit to employees. Employees then receive an email from Core ID where they have a choice to opt in, by either having ADP share their data securely with Core ID or by having Core ID handle their data directly through the Core ID website.

Purchase an Affordable New Benefit

Adding a new employee benefit is an excellent way to increase employee satisfaction and strengthen retention. “The shopping process was very positive and I got to the information I needed in order to evaluate the product and make a purchase,” observes the HR director.

“I came away with a purchase that included everything that we expected,” adding, “The pricing we received from Core ID was so good –– that we decided to offer the ID theft protection benefit at no cost to all of our employees.”