The Story of LifeCare App

A Success Story of Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration
Summary: This story highlights the success of LifeCare as they leveraged single sign-on (SSO) integration as part of their app’s functionality.

"Every company is unique, yet their employees share many of the same needs, like what they spend and how much they are able to save on a variety of consumer products and services," says LifeCare, Inc. Managing Partner, Chris Burki.

Serving clients in private industry, government, and education, LifeCare is a pioneer in its industry. It was the first company to integrate work/life services with EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs), create a work-life balance website, and launch an online discount center. One of the core products of LifeCare, Inc. is LifeMart. It enables employers to offer their employees high-value benefits through exclusive discounts on purchasing real-life needs such as child and senior care, travel, cell phones, computers, groceries, and much more.

"It’s an incredible experience for us to work with ADP as an ADP Marketplace partner. This partnership provides us with a high-quality opportunity to promote and offer our unique products, and we are already seeing traction in our ADP Marketplace relationship through new clients and referrals." - Chris Burki

"Our ultimate goal has always been to have our clients consider us a partner," notes Burki. That focus on partnership was also the basis for LifeCare joining the ADP Marketplace, through which it is offering its LifeMart discount and Integrated Work-Life EAP programs. The LifeCare Work-Life EAP program provides employees with 24/7 unlimited access to referrals and resources, as well as face-to-face or telephonic counseling sessions for personal issues.

Business Challenges

  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Leverage technology
  • Grow the business


Demonstrate Product Value

The value of LifeCare services is embodied in value-added services to a client’s employees — such as discounts and Work-Life EAP access — and to the client company itself through increased productivity and loyalty realized from employees’ use of these services. For example, when an employee engages elder care services, both the employer and employee gain in a significant and measurable way.

"On average, a caregiving employee misses seven days of work per year costing U.S. companies $33 billion annually," Burki explains. "In just that one area alone – elder care – we help organizations decrease the high cost of absenteeism, improve the focus and productivity of caregivers, and reduce employee stress while boosting their loyalty and morale." He notes that productivity savings for companies and reductions in stress levels for employees also apply when employees connect with discounted childcare and other services.

Sherri Pulie, LifeCare’s Senior Director of Business Development, adds that LifeCare has been offering Work-Life EAP (referral and resource) services to over 1,800 of ADP’s Comprehensive Services clients since 2012. "Clients truly appreciate this high-quality service being part of the package and contract with ADP. Based on the success and growth of the LifeCare program with Comprehensive Services, we are very excited to offer our program on the ADP Marketplace for all ADP clients to purchase."

Collaborate with a Trusted Partner

ADP’s innovative, cloud-based technology platform provides a firm foundation for sharing data securely and efficiently. Burki recalls, "We worked with ADP’s outstanding technology team and created a single sign-on that allows clients to automatically download our LifeMart app and the Work-Life EAP from the ADP Marketplace. Once a company downloads the app, their employees have ready access to our service both online and via phone."

Engage a New Sales Channel

Offering Life Mart and the Work-Life EAP on ADP Marketplace presents LifeCare, Inc. with a valuable path to enhanced growth. "The ADP Marketplace is a channel where you can attract the attention of many organizations to sell programs that they — and their employees — need and value," says Burki. "This is a special opportunity to tell a huge base of companies why our products are solutions that they should be using."